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KD Pharma announces merger with Marine Ingredients

Bexbach, Germany/Mt. Bethal, PA – October 24, 2016 – KD Pharma and Marine Ingredients announced this week that the two companies will be merging, with anticipated completion during the 4th Quarter of 2016.

Both KD Pharma and Marine Ingredients are influential players in the Omega-3 industry and this merger leverages their complimentary industry-leading reputations and capabilities.  KD-Pharma is a German-based leading global supplier of active pharmaceutical omega-3 fatty acids with a rapidly growing position in nutraceutical applications.  Pennsylvania-based Marine Ingredients has a leading position in the North American nutraceutical market providing custom-crafted omega-3 solutions for nutritional brand owners. 

Marine Ingredient’s Norway based manufacturing operation, specializing in natural and low-to-medium concentrated fish oils, transesterification and liquid bottling, as well as Bering Select – a new Cod Liver Oil production facility located in Dutch Harbor, Alaska are both included in the merger.

Marine’s Florida-based InnovaGel, a contract manufacturer of soft gels, rounds out the merger, bringing substantial capability increases to the new organization.

Oscar Groet, CEO of KD Pharma will serve as CEO for the combined organization while Marine Ingredients management, led by Olav Sandnes, President of Marine, will continue to run the Marine Ingredients division out of Pennsylvania. Both parties agreed not to disclose financial details of the transaction, but did announce that all entities on both sides will merge into a single combined group.

  “Cooperation with KD-Pharma enables Marine Ingredients to enlarge our company’s dedication to superior quality, operational excellence, and innovation while also expanding our manufacturing technologies which provides even greater benefits for our customers and partners. This synergistic merger allows both companies to extend competitive advantage to our respective customers.  This is a win-win for the Brands and customers that we work with,” said Olav Sandnes, President of Marine Ingredients.

“I am incredibly excited about this merger and the opportunities it allows the collective organization to bring to the market,” said KD CEO Oscar Groet.  “Marine’s products, customers and finished goods manufacturing capabilities’ combined with the technology and global presence of KD will allow us to serve a much broader segment of the market.   

About Marine Ingredients:

Marine Ingredients is a fully integrated producer of omega-3 soft gel and liquid formulations working with partner brands serving numerous market channels.  For over 35 years, Marine Ingredients has fostered a steadfast commitment to company transparency, product traceability, business integrity with an unwavering pledge to consumer health, safety, and education.  Leveraging their knowledge and exceptional understanding of market trends and consumer needs, Marine Ingredients empowers quality-conscious Brands to develop and craft innovative and unique products with meaningful points of difference.  Marine Ingredients offers a comprehensive range of superior quality omega-3 products. More information about Marine Ingredients is available at .

About KD-Pharma:

Founded in 1988 in Bexbach, Germany, KD-Pharma has become one of the leading producers of highly purified omega-3 fatty acids for pharmaceuticals and food supplements.  Its globally patented and diverse technology base allows KD-Pharma to produce concentrations of up to 99% purity level and is widely considered the world leader in high concentrate Omega applications.  KD-Pharma serves the Global Marketplace as one of the largest producers of pharmaceutical and nutritional Omega 3 fatty acids. KD-Pharma manufactures its products in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) and is approved by the FDA for both pharmaceuticals and food/dietary supplements.  The unparalleled technology and innovative expertise of their global partners allows the KD Pharma to create unique and innovative solutions for their customer base.  More information about KD-Pharma is available at .

Press Contacts:

Bruce A Miller, Jr.
Press Contact, Marine Ingredients 
Phone:  +1 570-897-8900                                                     

Evan DeMarco
Press Contact, KD-Pharma
Phone: +1 720-331-1129