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Our Markets

Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Special Chemical Markets

Our teams of experts create solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, nutrition, agrochemical and special chemical markets.


KD Pharma provides pharmaceutical companies a comprehensive suite of services and APIs, from pioneering custom synthesis to the purification and separation of molecules, including our market-leading omega-3 APIs. Our broad technology base, paired with our agile and solutions-oriented approach, ensures reliable and cutting-edge solutions for every pharmaceutical challenge.




KD Nutra empowers nutritional supplement companies with tailor-made omega-3 ingredients and premium finished products designed for optimal health benefits. Leveraging our extensive technology base and collaborative approach, we ensure our partners receive the highest quality and most effective solutions for their supplement offerings.




Drugs development

KD Biopharma harnesses the potential of lipid-based technologies to spearhead groundbreaking Phase 3 trials aimed at treating conditions like Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP), Ulcerative Colitis, and COVID-19. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives our endeavors to bring transformative treatments to the forefront of medical science.




Specialty Chemicals

KD Pharma, thanks to a broad portfolio of technologies, can offer to customers an agile supply chain granting flexibility to their complex custom made chemicals.