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Explore about our broad range of CDMO Services and Products

Custom Synthesis

Our world-class synthesis and separation facilities have a long track record in manufacturing APIs (including lipid APIs), intermediates and specialty chemicals. Our flexible equipment provides rapid development and scale-up of complex, multi-step chemical processes along the whole product lifecycle including commercial production. 

Our experienced team, state-of-the-art technologies and proven track record in regulatory compliance makes us your preferred CDMO partner.


API’s and intermediates

We offer our customers the full spectrum of drug substance services from R&D development/non-cGMP material for preclinical studies, Pilot plant cGMP for phase I, II and III supplies and large scale cGMP production for commercial supply.


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Specialty Chemicals 

With our broad portfolio of technologies and reactor capacity, we can offer our customers an agile supply chain granting flexibility to their (complex) custom made chemicals up to >100MT. 


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