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Our Technologies

Unique Technology Toolbox

From very early on, KD Pharma Group’s manufacturing practices were specifically designed to meet stringent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) standards. It is this commitment to exceptionally high standards that has made the KD Pharma Group the leading producer of highly purified API Omega-3 fatty acids. These stringent standards are applied to every natural or synthetic material that is produced.

The broadest technology base for our markets.

KD Pharma Group advanced technologies allows to manufacture lipids and small molecule ingredients in the most efficient way.

kd-pür® Extraction Technologies

Our kd-pür® Extraction Technologies gently extracts and purifies Omega-3s and plant extracts, such as cannabinoids, in a pharmaceutical cGMP certified facility

kd-pür® Purification Technologies

At KD Pharma Group we use multiple state-of-the-art kd-pür® Purification Technologies that are patent-protected

Synthesis Technologies

KD Pharma Group’s technologies and capabilities include the rapid development and scale-up of complex, multi-step synthetic processes

Innovagel® Softgels Technologies

Innovagel® Advanced Softgel Technologies allow us to deliver turnkey softgels for the nutritional market that include sensitive oil mixtures and difficult formulations