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Our Company

KD Pharma Group, your Partner in Creating Health Solutions

Welcome to the KD Pharma Group, a leading and agile CDMO dedicated to revolutionizing the world of pharmaceuticals and nutritional products.  We operate with a broad technology base, making us a more flexible and adaptive partner to our customers. Our specialties encompass lipids, small molecules, and finished dosage forms. Our entrepreneurial spirit combined with our values of trust, transparency, and creativity ensures we remain at the forefront of innovation. 

Our team of industry-leading scientists and leaders pride ourselves on our adaptability, innovation, and unyielding commitment to quality. With KD Pharma Group at the helm, you're not just getting a service provider; you're partnering with a pioneer dedicated to driving innovation and setting new industry standards. 

Our Technology Bench

The KD Pharma Group technology portfolio is uniquely suited for developing, producing and marketing new molecules. Our capabilities include extraction, separation, chemical synthesis, encapsulation and packaging. 

The KD Pharma Group has successfully utilized these technologies to help bring Omega-3 API to market, develop a new molecular target for colon cancer, generate new ANDA approvals, and launch multiple new nutritional platforms for optimizing health.

The KD Pharma Group has a historical emphasis on chromatographic separation in lipids and is the only company in the world capable of offering lipid and Omega-3 concentrates up to 99% in purity at a commercial scale. This is accomplished through a singular focus on research and technology. This technology along with recent acquisitions, allow the KD Pharma Group to provide tailored solutions providing each customer with the ability to differentiate themselves in a competitive global marketplace

Our Vision

To improve quality of life with sustainable health solutions.

Our Mission

To meet our customers' needs by leveraging our unique technology to drive innovation as an agile CDMO while striving for constant improvement.

Our Values

Our values are trust and transparency, accountability and commitment, calibrated risk taking, flexibility and passion.  These values drive who we are and what we do.

Our Strategy

We add value to customers by leveraging and developing the broadest technology platform in the CDMO space for our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical customers, which when paired with our superior service and responsiveness, means we can become long-term partners to our customers.