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Synthesis Technologies

From very early on, KD Pharma Group’s manufacturing practices were specifically designed to meet stringent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) standards. These stringent standards are applied to every synthetic material that is produced. 

KD Pharma Group’s technologies and capabilities include the rapid development and scale-up of complex, multi-step synthetic processes.


The main technology groups include:


High Pressure Reactions 

KD Pharma is capable of bringing high pressure chemistry from R&D to industrial scale (H2, CO2, CO, NH3, NHR2) applying homogeneous as well as heterogenous catalysts.


Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) Chromatography

Is an optimized process for chromatographic separations.  It can be used to separate mixtures of compounds or classes of compounds on their geometry. SMB is particularly useful in the purification of racemic mixtures as it permits the efficient separation of two optical isomers. 


Cryogenic Chemistry

KD Pharma can bring cryogenic reactions (down to -90°C) from R&D into production. This technology is particularly useful for modern coupling reactions or increasing selectivity in organo-metallic reactions. 


Difficult to handle reagents

KD Pharma has broad experience in handling transition-metal catalysts, biocatalysts and hazardous and malodorous chemicals.

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