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Extraction Technologies

Superior kd-pür® Extraction Technologies

Our extraction technology processes begin with the extraction of natural oils that can be further purified and isolated via the company’s proprietary kd-pür® Technologies.

Our kd-pür® Extraction Technologies gently extracts and purifies Omega-3s and plant extracts, such as cannabinoids, in a pharmaceutical GMP certified facility. These advanced green technologies are capable of isolating highly sensitive ingredients without the use of excessive heat, organic solvents or oxygen. 

Extraction without STRESS!

  • No heat stress 
  • No chemical stress
  • No oxidation stress


Our main extraction technology groups include:

Kd-pür® Supercritical Extraction Technology.  This patented combination of Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) delivers a superior quality of lipid concentrates and plant extracts such as omega-3s, cannabinoids, or standardized hops extracts.

The process starts with SFE, which involves using supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) to gently extract unwanted elements such as glycerides, free fatty acids, dyes, pollutants and cholesterol from a basic crude extract. During SFE, Omega-3’s oils are not exposed to excessive heat and never come in contact with oxygen. It is well known that high temperatures impact quality of unsaturated fatty acids like Omega-3s and the elimination of oxygen, protects the active components from oxidation and the development of process contaminants. An additional benefit of CO2 is that heavy metals and other impurities are insoluble in it, which allows for an extremely high level of purity to be achieved without the use of chemicals.

Kd-pür® BioHerbolysis® Extraction is a patented extraction process for plant-based material like hemp, hops or algae, that utilizes enzymes to break cell walls and extract valuable phytochemicals. 

The technology captures a greater quantity and distribution of phytochemicals than other extraction methods and is particularly suited towards fresh materials.

Kd-pür® CO2 Phytoextraction is a small batch supercritical CO2 extraction particularly useful for plants with exceptionally high value phytochemicals. 

This process is gentle and uses no organic solvents.