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Finished Dosage Forms

Finished Products for the Nutritional Market

We excel in delivering finished dosage forms that combine cutting-edge technology with pharmaceutical precision, ensuring optimal efficacy and consumer compliance. Our global manufacturing facilities are equipped to produce softgels and bottled liquids, ensuring quality, scalability, and timely delivery for every nutritional need, especially with our vertically-integrated omega-3 turnkey solutions.

Softgel Solutions

Leading producer of standard and custom omega-3 softgels, blends and phyto extracts.

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Liquid Solutions

Thirty years of experience in the development of great-tasting liquids and in the effective use of antioxidants.

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Experts in high-end products that include sensitive oil mixtures and difficult formulations such as viscous suspensions.

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Finished Packaging

We provide end product packaging for both softgels and liquid formulations with the capability to pack multiple bottle sizes in various packaging configurations 

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