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KD Pharma Group Acquires 51% Stake in Trigal Pharma

cannabinoid (CBD) extracts

BIOGGIO, SWITZERLAND – October 4, 2021 – The KD Pharma Group has acquired a 51% stake in Trigal Pharma, a company specialized in clinical research, development and marketing of medical cannabinoids, such as Cannabidiol (CBD) in a highly-purified form. 

“Trigal has successfully and profitably grown by being a first mover in the API market for cannabidiol (“CBD”), which is a natural fit with the KD Pharma Group,” said Oscar Groet, CEO of the KD Pharma Group.  “KD Pharma is a technology leader in lipid-based APIs, so adding cannabinoid leadership from Trigal into the KD Pharma family will help accelerate growth for both companies in this dynamic area.”
“We are pleased to form this strategic partnership with KD Pharma,” said Dr. Eberhard Pirich MD and CEO of Trigal Pharma, “because we have a shared vision that the market will demand more highly purified cannabinoids made under pharma GMP conditions in the future.” 

The KD Pharma Group manufactures extracts and cannabinoid isolates at its facilities in Germany using its broad portfolio of lipid technologies, including novel technology for the extraction, concentration and isolation of cannabinoids.  Trigal Pharma manufactures and distributes CBD API through the magistral preparations channel in Austria and Germany, including a partnership with a large Austrian pharmacy. The KD Pharma Group’s goal is to build the market leader in medical cannabinoids, a market that is largely untapped and has significant growth potential due to the pipeline of research in conditions ranging from neurological and psychotic disorders, treatment of substance use disorders and addiction, chronic pain conditions to cardiovascular disease and cancer.  

Trigal Pharma will form an advisory board comprising of directors appointed by both companies immediately following the close of the transaction.  Other terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


About Trigal Pharma
Trigal Pharma is a pharmaceutical company, founded 2011 with more than 15 years of practical experience in clinical research and development, regulatory affairs and marketing of medical cannabinoids, particularly Cannabidiol. Since 2015 Cannabidiol capsules of different strengths as well as liquids for magisterial preparations have been developed in a very successful R&D cooperation with an Austrian pharmacy. Since more than four years in accordance with GMP standards CBD capsules have been produced for clinical trials in Australia and Europe, as well. In summary Trigal Pharma understands its role as a service company bringing scientific and marketing expertise in different sectors to globally operating manufacturers and producers of natural CBD and other cannabinoids.

About the KD Pharma Group SA
The KD Pharma Group is a CDMO that develops products in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical space. It is also the worldwide leading producer of API for Omega-3 pharmaceuticals and has built a similar market-leading position in Omega-3 nutraceuticals, formulation and encapsulation services, with over 500 employees and a presence in the UK, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and the US. The KD Pharma Group employs state-of-the-art technology which is protected by numerous patents. Visit to learn more. 


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Chief Strategy Officer
KD Pharma Group
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