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KD Pharma Group Company Marine Ingredients launches global Nutraceutical business at the 2017 VitaFoods Europe Nutraceutical Convention.

Geneva Switzerland – May 9 2017 Marine Ingredients, A KD Pharma Group company announced today at the VitaFoods Exhibition in Switzerland that it has expanded its organization to support the global omega-3 nutraceutical market.  The expanded scope is a structural alignment following its merger with KD Pharma announced last October. This new structure allows Marine Ingredients to provide the complete spectrum of omega-3 concentrates and minimally processed marine oils to the global nutraceutical market.  KD Pharma will focus its business efforts on its market leadership in the pharmaceutical development, API and generic API marketplace.

“This alignment helps us provide a consistent brand presence in the two market verticals we serve,” said Marine Ingredients President Olav Sandnes. “Together with KD Pharma’s broad technological capacity and Marine Ingredients 35 years experience in the nutraceutical market, Marine Ingredients is well positioned to support the growing worldwide omega-3 market and expand its global nutraceutical market share.”

The KD Pharma group represents the 3rd largest supplier of Omega-3 in the world.  Together with Marine Ingredients Norway and InnovaGel, Marine Ingredients can provide its customers with the full spectrum of omega-3 oil concentrations and ratios of omega-3 in bulk oils, bottled oils as well as finished soft-gels.

“Our merger with Marine Ingredients and the formation of the KD Pharma Group expands our presence in every market worldwide.” Said Oscar Groet CEO of the KD Pharma Group.  “We have products suitable for emerging markets, health and wellness segments as well Pharmaceutical markets that are looking for our innovations in omega-3 science to develop new drugs focused on inflammation, cardiovascular health as well as age related cognitive decline.

About KD-Pharma Group

The KD Pharma Group has a Global Presence with 400 people, 7 sites, 9 countries.

The KD Pharma Group begins with natural marine oils sourced predominantly from anchovies, sardines and cod liver. The oil is then processed in factories located in Norway and Alaska. High Concentrate oils are then manufactured in Germany, providing the input material for capsules that are produced in the USA and liquid oil that is produced in Norway. The KD Pharma Group is truly a global expert. With a Global Presence, KD Pharma Group is able to provide sales support to almost any market in the world.

About Marine Ingredients

Marine Ingredients is focused on the omega-3 nutraceutical market. As a KD Pharma Group company, Marine Ingredients has the global reach and vertical integration necessary to develop custom products and complete supply chain efficiency for our customers.  As the supplier for many of the world’s best known brands, Marine Ingredients is dedicated to creating custom solutions that drive successful new product introductions.

About KD Pharma

KD Pharma is the only Omega-3 drug producer that has the full spectrum of separation technologies available on an industrial scale. This allows the KD Pharma to produce any fatty acid composition for the development and commercialization of new Omega-3 based pharmaceuticals. KD Pharma has filed several Drug Master Files (DMF’s) for their Omega-3 based Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration  (FDA) and European EMEA, as well as with various health authorities in Asia and Latin America.

The KD Pharma supplies bulk API oil as well as bulk soft-gel capsules to all of the major Omega-3 pharmaceutical markets around the world, including the USA, EU, Korea and Japan. KD Pharma is a reliable and efficient supplier with a un-matched expertise in developing tailor-made solutions and processes. The majority of all new Omega-3 drug developments receive their API from the KD Pharma.