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ReGen3™ Next Generation Omega-3 with Pre-Resolving Mediators

Building on the substantial health benefits of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, ReGen3™ is an enhanced marine lipid concentrate with enriched levels of pre-resolving mediators (PRMs) that may offer superior efficacy from Omega-3 supplementation. PRM’s are metabolites of Omega-3s that are further converted into active compounds that widely mediate many of Omega-3s known biological actions and functions. Naturally found at low levels in marine lipids, the KD Pharma Group uses our proprietary fractionation methods to create high PRM enriched ingredients.


Why a product enriched with Pre-resolving Mediators

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Why PRMs


PRMs are metabolites of EPA, DHA and DPA. The most abundant metabolites being 14-HDHA, 17-HDHA and 18-HEPE. These metabolites and other similar compounds are further metabolized to form various classes of Specialized Pro Resolving Mediators (SPMs), such as lipoxins, resolvins, meresins, and protectins (see graph below). SPMs are reduced lipid signaling agents that are known to uniquely promote the resolution of inflammation and to promote the healing process by positively interacting with various types of immune cells. Elevated SPM requirements due to injury, trauma, or chronic inflammation, may not be adequately met based upon omega-3 status, biochemical individuality, or host lifestyle issues.  Including PRM metabolites along with Omega-3 fatty acids is emerging as a promising modality to support the healthy formation of SPMs required for homeostasis and optimal immune activity.


Metabolic pathways in Resolution

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Metabolic Pathways to Resolution


Emerging research shows that PRMs and their metabolite SPMs facilitate many cellular and biological functions traditionally attributed to Omega-3s. Studies indicate these compounds may have a vast range of potential benefits including cardiovascular, neurological, immunological, and cognitive health. 

Proposed health benefits*: 

•    Improves Omega-3 status (1)
•    Supports a healthy blood lipid profile (2)
•    Supports unique lipid mediator profiles (3)
•    May support a healthy heart (4)
•    Supports a healthy blood lipid profile
•    Supports unique lipid mediator profiles
•    Promotes balanced immune activity and homeostasis (5)

ReGen3™ Ingredient Flexibility for Custom Formulations

ReGen3™ is a customizable Omega-3 platform that contains the highest levels of standardized PRMs available in the market. KD Nutra’s technology allows the production of PRM-enriched fractions which we then blend into customized formulas that enhance Omega-3 action in the body.

ReGen3™ can also be blended with other nutritional factors for condition and tissue specific applications.



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Ask your KD Nutra sales representative about the many potential health benefits and formula options for ReGen3 high PRM ingredients or call KD Nutra at 570-897-8900 for more information and support.

  5. Serhan CN, Chiang N, Dalli J (2015). "The resolution code of acute inflammation: Novel pro-resolving lipid mediators in resolution". Seminars in Immunology. 27 (3): 200–15. doi:10.1016/j.smim.2015.03.004. PMC 4515371. PMID 25857211.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

* * ReGen3™ is a trademark of KD Nutra™