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Alpha & Omega Prenatal: Supports Healthy Development that Last a Lifetime

Choline and DHA Omega3 fatty acid have been both studied for their importance on early neural development. Supplementation with Alpha and Omega prenatal vitamin ensures sufficient amounts of these vital nutrients for every woman and her baby.

Choline and DHA are under-consumed in the diet, but vital for brain development and brain aging. These nutrients support normal functions of the liver, neurons, metabolism, inflammatory response systems and nervous system in mothers; in a growing fetus, these nutrients support healthy growth and organ development, specifically in the brain. The support Alpha & Omega Prenatal provides helps secure healthy development that lasts a lifetime.

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Choline and DHA health claims


Pregnancy is a time of hope and excitement. As a new life buds and grows, the foundation is laid for future health and wellness. It's a time of great opportunity.


But it can also be a time of great challenge.

  • Women are having children at an older age, and at a time when managing a healthy weight is a greater challenge. 
  • Women are also pursuing diet patterns that aren't sufficient in nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy, for mother or baby.
  • Women may not know they're pregnant and may unknowingly expose their fetus to alcohol in the early stages of development, meaning their fetus may have greater need for nutritional supplementation to offset damage.
  • Athletes may begin pregnancy with depleted nutrient status. Some genetic alterations may increase a person's need for these nutrients.
  • Older, heavier moms may need these supplemental nutrients to offset the effects of chronic inflammation and normal aging.


Choline and the omega-3 fatty acid DHA are two examples of supplemental nutrients pregnant women may benefit from consuming pre- and post-conception through the phase of breast feeding.

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Pregnancy can happen whether a women is ready or not

After pregnancy, supplemental DHA can support a woman's mood, and restore her levels of DHA during lactation ensuring both mom and baby get adequate amounts daily. Prenatal vitamins, the universally recommended solution to address dietary gaps, may not be enough even if a woman takes them as directed. Citing the importance of choline for mom and baby delegates at a recent American Medical Association meeting recommended promoting evidence-based amounts of choline in prenatal supplements. In the case of DHA, the amount may not be enough for both mother and baby especially since many diets fail to meet the suggested DHA intake. 


Supplementation with Alpha and Omega Prenatal vitamin ensures sufficient amounts of these vital nutrients for every woman and her baby.


Alpha & Omega formulations can be customized for prenatal, infant nutrition, adult nutrition, anti- aging, and sport applications.


Serving size

Two capsules daily with a meal


Alpha & Omega Blend            1.4 g

Total Omega-3                     700 mg

EPA                                        300 mg

DHA                                       300 mg

Alpha-GPC                           150 mg



To find out more, download the Alpha & Omega Prenatal white paper: